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Rhode Island: the Ocean State


Although small in size, Rhode Island offers experiences not to be missed! Nowhere is there a destination so rich in history, style, and culture as the city of Newport. The city’s early settlers and visitors left behind a culture with an affinity for freedom and history, a grave respect for the great Atlantic seaboard, and a tradition of outstanding yachtsmanship.

Nearby is the 350-year-old city of Providence – a vibrant and charming, medium-sized metropolis. A Rhode Island itinerary can be easily included in a multi-day Custom Tours, Inc. motorcoach tour package, and is one that will certainly enhance any New England itinerary!

Motorcoach Tour Highlights:


Local color

Rhode Island is the smallest state in the United States. Texas is about 165 times larger than Rhode Island. It’s no urban myth that Rhode Island can fit into some ranches in Texas.

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