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Hi, I’m Lilian. Many times I look around me at the breathtaking landscapes of Vermont and think, “How lucky I am to live in this wonderful state!” Working for Custom Tours affords me the great pleasure of sharing with our visitors the beauty of this countryside and the story of how our wilderness was tamed, grew into an independent republic, and then became the 14th state. I also love to tell of both the hard-scrabble work ethic and amusing quirks of Vermont’s people – our country’s most rural state.
Our company’s consistent goal is to ensure that each and every passenger on our tours has a comfortable, relaxed, informative and – most importantly – fun vacation. Everyone involved takes great pride in our excellent reputation for attention to detail, our professional but personal touch in caring for our passengers, and our wholehearted delight in meeting and spending time with these wonderful folks. They return home feeling that they’ve had a very special time here. I look forward to meeting you in the near future!


I just love sharing the unique way of life here in Vermont with others. We have a history that made us what we are and keeps us independent. Where else can you live 65 miles from the largest town and love it? We get to see wildlife in their natural habitats out our back door. Vermont lets you keep your independence and makes you strong. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else and I love sharing my state and my experiences with my tour groups!





I’ve been sold on motorcoach travel for close to 30 years. Having done a great many tours as a consumer, I have a strong idea about what our guests should expect. On a Custom Tours itinerary one can see in 2 or 3 days what it would take two weeks on one’s own to accomplish. Our custom itineraries are so varied – there really is something for everyone. Working as a Custom Tours guide is THE most fun job ever! Everyone agrees that not only are we professional in what we do – we really love to see our customers smile.




I have lived in Vermont for 44 years. For 26 of those years, I was an elementary school teacher. Upon retiring, I was fortunate to become a tour guide for Custom Tours, Inc.
As a guide, I am able to share with people my appreciation for the traditions, lifestyles, food, history, and beauty of my state. In return, I meet so many wonderful people!





As a Scotsman who loves to cross the Atlantic to the USA, I know in my heart why the Green Mountains of Vermont have felt like home for generations of Scots Americans. I cherish fond memories of the many warm welcomes that I have received in America and I’d be thrilled to be able to return some of that warmth by inviting you to come with me to visit the beautiful mountains, the straths and the glens of Scotland.

I can’t help but be in love with Scotland’s rich heritage of culture, of learning, and of practical know-how. I hope you, too, will fall in love with a land where each babbling stream, each leafy lane or opening door tells a new story.



Proud Member of the American Bus Association, Vermont Tourism Network, 
Vermont Chamber of Commerce, Tourism Cares, and Japan America Society of Vermont