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Custom Tours, Inc. is delighted to partner with the world-renowned New England Culinary Institute (NECI) in beautiful Montpelier, Vermont. We feel it’s a perfect match: Our missions both include providing an amazing and unique culinary experience that can’t be equaled anywhere else! It is geared toward leisure and corporate groups and can make for an outstanding team building exercise. Custom Tours and NECI worked together to develop this exclusive program, striving to make it a relaxing and enjoyable experience, adaptable to various interests and ability levels, and filled with helpful kitchen hints and chefs’ advice, ensuring that each participant gains new knowledge and culinary skills.

Today, culinary tourism is all about the adventure… learning, cooking, eating, and experiencing everything that goes into creating a satisfying meal. Your guests will gain not only new skills, but also new-found confidence in their own cooking styles.

To meet every interest and budget, we’ve planned three levels of culinary programs from which you can choose. And since we customize each and every tour product, we’d love to create a unique experience that will meet your individual needs. This tour can be a simple day trip, or can be easily incorporated into a longer Vermont/New England itinerary.
You may choose a simple luncheon with a cooking demonstration, or you may opt for the full-on Executive Chef program for a more hands-on adventure. Whatever level you choose, your time at NECI will be most memorable, enlightening, and FUN! See you at NECI!

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About NECI…

The New England Culinary Institute (NECI) in Montpelier, Vermont, is a world-renowned culinary school that has been teaching the best chefs in the industry since 1980.

Imagine the entire state of Vermont as a food experiment or as its own laboratory where food products are grown and created for this particular climate: seasonally, organically, and sustainably. Now imagine restaurants as teaching laboratories – this restaurant for instance.

NECI on Main is a production lab for New England Culinary Institute. For 30 years we have been teaching students to make connections with farmers, between the landscape and our food, and between seasons and culinary traditions. Sometimes we include food items that express a particular sense of place from outside of Vermont, or culinary traditions from other cultures, and use those items or experiences to enhance the foods grown here in Vermont. Our menu is no exception in this teaching philosophy, and reflects the best that Vermont’s farmers and America’s next generation of young chefs offer.



You will learn to use the five basic tastes – SWEET, SOUR, BITTER, SALTY, and UMAMI (ü-mä-më) – as you explore the world of culinary arts. We will walk you through the process of how we taste foods, and how to use different flavors to ignite your senses.



Step into our kitchens wearing your complimentary chef’s hat, and learn to create delicious farm fresh cuisine. Your dishes will be guided by NECI’s Chef Instructors and students who will spark your passion for fun and creativity.